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Small Business Web Page Development: Internet Essentials

Small Business Web Page

Having an internet web presence is a vital component of any companies marketing strategy. With the growing popularity of the internet, many people use online search as a way to prospect for further information. If you want your company to display under the relevant topic, you need to have a professionally designed small business web page online and ranked in the search engines under terms that are relevant to your business. Whether you want to promote your products, generate leads or sell your goods and services online, you need a small business website to accomplish your goals.

How can you get up and running with a small business webpage?

There is several web design for small business options. How you go about establishing your online presence can depend on your time, budget and your degree of technical savvy. The following options provide small business web design solutions.

Hire a web development company:

This is the most expensive option but if you are not technically savvy, it is most likely the best option. A web company can design a site according to the requirements of your business. Usually, an account representative will discuss your business needs and propose a solution. A professional designer will create a page that reflects the 'look and feel' of your business. Any database functionality will be established and implemented. Small business web design companies can usually recommend a hosting company. On completion of the site you will be provided with training if the site involves the use of a content management system. You can make contact with several small business web development companies and establish guidelines for a quotation. The cost will ultimately depend on the functionality of the site.

Do it yourself web design for small business:

If you have design experience and are competent with 'html' programs, you can design your own site. The extent that you will be able to accomplish this will depend on the degree of your technical expertise. If programming is required, you will need to be able to outsource the development or complete the code yourself. You can use free design templates available on the net. However, for most small business operators, this option is not practical unless you possess a high degree of technical competency. Trying to learn to do this yourself can be time consuming and detracts your focus away from concentrating on your core business activity.

Outsource small business web design:

There are many freelancer websites on the net where internet professional congregate and submit bids on work provided by small businesses. is an example of this type of site. Designers and developers form all over the world will complete any website according to supplied specifications. A centralized clearing mechanism facilitates payments and communication standards are established for managing the project. This is a great option for small business web page design on a budget. You need to make sure you have tightly defined specifications but as a cost effective solution it is hard to beat.

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