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Small Business Success

There are many factors that contribute to small business success. If you ask several different successful small business owners for their opinion you will often get several different answers. There are numerous publications written by successful business owners that espouse different contributing factors. Whilst the exact formula may be elusive, there are some common elements that are consistently evident in small business success studies. This article will address some of the most important factors.

Market Research:

The small business success rate improves dramatically for individuals that have taken the time to conduct extensive research into the markets in which they intent to operate. Thoroughly investigating the market niche, discovering the extent of the opportunity, conducting surveys and understanding the purchasing behavior of the consumer is important business intelligence that can shape the business structure, operations and marketing campaigns of small business operations. In fact, market research is often the primary intelligence that prompts the call to action to establish new business ventures. It is important that small business operators thoroughly understand the market in which they intend to operate.

Access to capital:

It is no secret that one of the biggest factors that contribute to business failure is the lack of access to capital. The success of a small business requires organizations to have sufficient capital to operate until the business gains traction and begins to generate a profit. Many businesses underestimate the extent of capital requirements. Either there is a shortfall of funds to cover expenses, sales do not measure up to original forecasts or the business is subject to hidden costs that were not originally forecasted for in the business plan. In fact, most business operators are too conservative in their estimates for capital requirements. This results in many business closures when the money dries up.

Business Planning:

One of the secrets to small business success is business planning. Making best use of business resources and labor is an operational imperative. Organizations that do not have a carefully considered business and contingency plan should make immediate amends to do so. This document draws attention to operational strengths and weaknesses. The success of a small business relies on focusing on its strengths and bridging any gaps or weaknesses. It is also a strategic document that provides a clear roadmap for business direction. A business consultant is useful for this process because they can often highlight and bring attention to important areas that have not been scoped and bounded. The business plan is the number one small business success secret. In fact, if you require business financing, the loan officer may request a copy of this document as part of the finance application process.

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