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Small Business Development

Small Business Development: Mediums For Generating New Sales And Leads

Small Business Development

Small business development is what drives every small organization. Increasing sales and building market share leads to revenue creation and ultimately profits. Companies that have a well refined sales process and marketing initiatives in place that align core business activities work the plan to produce results. New business development is a repetitive process that often involves the implementation and refinement of core marketing and promotional activities. The following article discusses some common approaches to small business development.


Many small business companies employ the services of a telemarketer or telemarketing company to prospect for business leads. Setting up appointments for sales demonstrations or face to face meetings allows small business development executives the opportunity to introduce and educate primary decision makers on how the product or service can be of assistance to the organization. As a business prospecting approach, telemarketing can be a useful strategy. Trained telemarketers to concentrate on what they do best which is generating leads and setting appointments and sales business development personnel can concentrate on closing the business deals.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Direct mail is an often overlooked small business development strategy that can pay off handsomely. Companies can buy highly targeted business lists that represent the target market and employ the services of a copywriter to craft a well written letter to introduce the companies goods and services. Although the conversion rates are typically low, if you are selling high profit items or services the return on investment can be substantial. This is a highly specialized area of business development and it is advisable to secure the professional services of a copy writer who can assist you with implementing a direct mail campaign.

Online Company Business Development:

The use of a company website is an effective tool to generate business leeds and sales. The website needs to be designed to encourage interaction from prospective clients. Live chat is a great initiative that can allow a company to interact with prospective clients. Traffic generation techniques such as search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, banner advertising and article marketing must be employed by a company to drive traffic to the site. You can also use form submission techniques such as registering for a free report to capture potential client details for further business development purposes.

Trade Shows:

This is a great small business development initiative for companies that want to introduce their product or service to companies from select industries. You can capture leeds and meet business decision makers who are interested in how you can help their business.

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